Notice for ' Belt and Road, Mutual Benefit and Win-win' International Academic Forum on Pharmaceutical Policy

 China Pharmaceutical University will hold an international academic forum on pharmaceutical policy with the theme of “Belt and Road, Mutual Benefit and Win-win” in the Dragon Boat Festival, which aims to provide countries with an opportunity to understand China's health industry market and pharmaceutical policies, and enhance the international influence of China. The forum will bring together elites from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in 20 countries and regions. International students attending the meeting will share their experience and future plans with guests. Foreign guests will show  industrial environment of their countries and talent demand.

The forum is fully equipped with simultaneous interpretation. The schedule is now notified as follows:

Time :  June18thMonday8:50-12:00

Venue 111 Auditorium of Economic Management and Literature Building

Agenda of the forum

Opening Ceremony


String Quartet

China Pharmaceutical University Symphony Orchestra


President Speech

Prof. Kong Lingyi

Vice President of China Pharmaceutical University


Enterprise Speech

Dr. QiuJiajun

Chairman of Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd


Expert Report

Bilingual , With simultaneous interpretation , Full video


Expert report 1

New Progress in China's Drug Import Registration Reform

Prof. Ding Jinxi

Deputy Dean of School of International Pharmaceutical Business


Expert report 2

Registration Procedures and New Policies in Russia

Ms. Ivetta Brodskaya

Head of supply Department of PROTEK Group of companies


Expert report 3

Higher Pharmaceutical Education in China: evolution, current status and Prospects

Prof. Xu Xiaoyuan

Executive of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation


Expert report 4

The Impact of The Cancellation of China's GMP Certification on Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies in International Competition

Prof. Liang Yi

Director of pharmaceutical administration department of School of International Pharmaceutical Business


Tea Break


Expert report 5

The Influence of Supply-side Reform on China's API Industry and Its Prospects

Prof. Chu Shuzhen

Director of the management department of School of International Pharmaceutical Business


Expert report 6

Policy from Mexico Authority for the sanitary registration of the dossiers

Mr. Luis Alberto Guerrero Garcia

Productos Maver, S.A. De C.V., Direct de Logistic


Expert report 7

The reform of Chinese drug policy: Challenge and opportunity of enterprises

Prof. Xu Wei

Director of the Department of Economics and Trade of School of International Pharmaceutical Business


Expert report 8

Pakistan pharma industry challenges and opportunities

Mr. Asad Nizamani

MBA, Abbott Pharma, Certified Supply Chain Manager of Pakistan


Closing speech

Prof. Ma Aixia

Dean of School of International Pharmaceutical Business




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